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Bow Force Mapping

bow force mappingBow Force Mapping (BFM) allows us to analyze a specific bow set-up and create very useful information about that bow for the archer. BMF calculates peak draw weight, holding weight, power stroke and the stored energy of your bow.

BFM allows us to print a draw force curve of the bow. This is important because it shows us tendencies of that particular bow. We can use this curve to more accurately select arrow sizes. (Not every 60lb bow at 27” will require the same arrow size.)

BFM's most unique and exciting feature is the ballistics table that we can produce for your set-up. After we use the chronograph portion of the system to establish the velocity of your set-up, we then input several other measurements into the BMF. The BFM will then print us a velocity table telling the archer how many inches of drop there will be for every ten yards with that set-up! The BFM will also print sight tapes from 0-100 yards allowing us to sight in your bow with out you having to shoot an arrow!

This saves you hours of shooting and gives you the confidence that the bow is on at those long ranges. You simply have to shoot and hone your form until the group comes together.

Many people are combining the Bow Force Mapping service with our Super Tunes to give them the ultimate performance from their bow. We offer a reduced rate when this is combined with our Super Tune-ups.

bow force mapping