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Have you ever walked in to an archery shop or sporting goods store with questions only to find the person you are dealing with knows less than you? Have you ever had problems making your bow shoot the way you think it should? Unfortunately there are a lot of places claiming to be “Pro Shops” that just plain aren't! A “Pro Shop” should be just that! It should be a place where an archer can go and get answers to any question that he or she may have from a qualified professional! Not just a blank stare!

Archery to us, is not just a pastime or a way to make a living, it is our life! We have dedicated decades to the sport of archery in every aspect. We have not diversified into other things like guns, canoes, bikes or fishing gear to round out the seasons! We have found ways to fill our year with archery related events. We are archery only 365 days a year! What does this mean to you? It means that when you purchase equipment or have your bow serviced or take a lesson from us you will be dealing with someone that has first hand experience and knowledge on that subject. You won't deal with someone that just needs a part time job or some hobbyist. Some would say we have an addiction. We can live with that! Our addiction will help you get the service and answers you deserve for your hard earned money!


We have a huge selection of bows, sights, rest, quivers, broadheads, targets, arrows, stabilizers and more. There are many places that carry the same product lines we carry. The difference is we have tested and tweaked and used all of it! We know how to set it up and make it work to it's optimal potential. Nothing you purchase from us will go out with out being set-up properly and thoroughly explained to you. If you have any problems or questions after the purchase we will be happy to take the time to make you happy. We are not the “cash and dash” type place. We want you to be completely happy with your equipment and our service!


The services that we provide are what separate us from the pack. We have had people from all over the country send us their bows for service. We work closely with many manufactures on how to improve their products. We do all work in-house, ourselves. We do not bring in “hired guns” to help us or send work out. We know how to make your bow and you shoot better than you ever have before!

Custom Bow Strings

We build top quality, pre-stretched bowstrings in house. This gives you the ability to choose any color scheme you can imagine from the subdue to the “What the Heck!” Our strings and cables are made from BCY 452X. This is the most stable material available. That combined with pre-tensioned fibers and serving under tension creates a string with no significant creep or peep rotation.


Our standard tune-up consists of us first recording every measurement as to how we received the bow. We then clean and lubricate all working parts using Scorpion Venom Lubricants. We then set tiller, cam timing, nock height, center shot and poundage to their optimum positions. Many shooters will have this performed once a year to ensure there bow will function properly through out the season.


This is the most comprehensive tune-up in the industry today. Bows are coming from all over the country for us to provide this service! We start by first completing our standard tune-up. After the tune-up has been completed we then place your bow in our Hooter Shooter shooting machine. We start by paper tuning your bow with your arrows. We tune the bow to shoot perfect bullet holes through paper from 3 distances to make sure we are not catching the arrow in a cycle. If your bow is a Hybrid or Binary style cam we will creep tune it to achieve level nock-travel over the last ½ of the draw cycle. We then take six of your best arrows, number them and fire each arrow one at a time from twenty yards. If an arrow lands outside the acceptable group we will rotate the nock and shoot it again. By doing this we can often times get all six arrows to impact the same hole! After we finish all data is recorded and placed in a folder for the shooter to keep in their records. This service assures the shooter that the bow is shooting to its optimum and the rest is up to them. The results have been remarkable!

Bow Force Mapping

At Brian's Archery we are always striving to find ways to help and improve archers and make them more successful. With The addition of Easton 's Bow Force Mapping System we have a tool that will help us do just that!

BFM allows us to analyze a specific bow set-up and create very useful information about that bow for the archer. BMF calculates peak draw weight, holding weight, power stroke and the stored energy of your bow.

BFM allows us to print a draw force curve of the bow. This is important because it shows us tendencies of that particular bow. We can use this curve to more accurately select arrow sizes. (Not every 60lb bow at 27” will require the same arrow size.)

BFM ‘s most unique and exciting feature is the ballistics table that we can produce for your set-up. After we use the chronograph portion of the system to establish the velocity of your set-up, we then input several other measurements into the BMF. The BFM will then print us a velocity table telling the archer how many inches of drop there will be for every ten yards with that set-up!

The BFM will also print sight tapes from 0-100 yards allowing us to sight in your bow with out you having to shoot an arrow! This saves you hours of shooting and gives you the confidence that the bow is on at those long ranges. You simply have to shoot and hone your form until the group comes together. Many people are combining the Bow Force Mapping service with our Super Tunes to give them the ultimate performance from their bow.

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