Carbon Arrows

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Are you looking to boost the performance level of your current set up with out spending hundreds of dollars on a new high performance bow? If you are then you might want to consider carbon arrows. When many people think of carbon arrows, an alarm immediatley goes off in thier head. We have all heard the horror stories about the old carbons. However, carbon arrows have come a long way.

Older carbons were very slender in diameter, which led to many problems. First, by being so small you could not use a standard insert and nock combination. Everything had to be outserted. This not only created a tuning nightmare because of contact, but it also made it extremely difficult to pull arrows from targets. Second, tolerances on the early carbons were not very exacting. If you placed your arrow on an arrow spinner it would wobble so badly, it would jump from the spinner. Third, if you twisted or squeezed an arrow to hard while pulling from a target it would shatter into many strands. Things have changed for the better.

While some of the old style, small diameter shafts still exist; the carbon arrows I am speaking of can be broken down into two categories.

A-cc's, and Internal Component Shafts

A-cc's, or aluminum carbon composite shafts. These are the best money can buy. The tolerancers are impaeccable, they are extremely strong and the weight is significantly less than that of an appropriately spined aluminum arrow. These arrows are for the person that wants the ultimate performance from thier bow and aren't afraid to pay for it. A-cc's average arounnd 150 to 160 dollars per dozen for completed arrows. I have been using A-cc's for both competing and hunting for the last 5 years. Thier performance has been amazing and their durability is excellent. I have one A-cc 3-71 arrow that I have harvested six animals with, including one of the largest bear ever shot with a bow in Quebec and a Pope&Young Whitetail. That arrow is still perfectly straight and ready to use again this year.

ICS or Internal Component System shafts are another excellent choice for all around shooting. They are slightly lighter than the A-cc's and even stronger. As the name states, the shafts are large enough in diameter to insert a nock and a point insert. This takes away some of the problems of removing arrows from a target. On average, the shooter can expect to save 25-50 grains of arrow weight by changing from aluminum arrows to either ICS or A-cc arrows. This allows you to increase velocity with out sacrificing strength. You can also increase speed with out having to go to an overdraw setup. (an overdraw will make you bow a little more difficult to shoot.) ICS shafts are a little cheaper than A-cc's price as well. Price average around 115 dollars for completed arrows.

You're probably still trying to recover from the thought of spending 115 to 160 for a dozen arrows. If you look at the longevity factor however, these arrows really pay for themselves in the end. With the incredible increase in aluminum prices as of late, carbon arrows are not much more than high-end aluminum arrows. Because they do not bend and are much harder to break, carbon arrows will often times out last aluminum's 2-1. This makes the extra money worth it. So, if you are in the market for new arrows this year and you would like to increase your performance level for either hunting or 3-D, try carbons. I think you will like what you find.

Good luck and good shooting!