Bow Vibration Reduction

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Over the years, the trend in the archery industry has been to make bows shorter, lighter and faster. When I started in this industry nine years ago most bows were in the 42" to 46" range. Every year companies try new ways to shave inches and pounds off their equipment. Now as I look down the bow rack here in the shop there are far more bows 36" and under than there are 36" and over. Physical weights on many of these bows are well under the four-pound mark. Speeds have also increased to very impressive rates. Today’s super lightweight, ultra fast bows are a joy to carry and maneuver around the woods. The old adage of, "the bigger they are the better they shoot" no longer carries as much merit.

Short, light, fast bows are not with out faults however. One of the issues associated with these characteristics is bow vibration. With out the mass weight to absorb shock and vibration some of the models feel like tuning forks. This vibration usually leaves the bow in the form of noise. Excess vibration will shoot through the bow and cause discomfort and fatigue in the bow arm. These problems can take away from the enjoyment of shooting your new bow.

Sim's vibration laboratory has created several new products to combat noise and vibration problems. These products are called limb savers. Limb savers do not look like much at first. Basically they are round chunks of mushy rubber that stick on to the limbs of your bow. The dampening qualities are amazing however. We have installed them on every type of bow imaginable and have had nothing but positive results.