Target Panic Continued

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Last month, I discussed one form of target panic known as punching the trigger. As I mentioned before this is only one symptom of this disease.

Another common form of target panic is when a shooter cannot place their sight pin on the intended target. Many shooters will come into the target from below. As they raise their sight pin towards the target, it will have a tendency to freeze on a spot several inches low of the target. The archer will be able to hold the pin amazingly steady but will not be able to move the pin higher. This will cause a couple of problems.

The first reaction is to try to muscle the bow on to the target. As the bow moves up the shooter will then punch the trigger. This will lead to very erratic shooting. Some shooters will try and sight in so that their arrow impacts high of where the pin dies. The problem with this is the pin will die lower and lower until the shooter cannot even get the pin close to the target. I have seen cases so severe that the person was actually hitting the trigger before reaching full draw.

If any of this sounds familiar, here are a few suggestions. If you have been coming into the target from below, try to come in from the top. When bringing the pin in from under the target you are using muscles to bring the bow up. As the pin gets closer to the target, you have a tendency to tense up. This causes the pin to die low.

I will draw my bow back so that my sight pin sits just high of its mark. I will then exhale and relax just enough so that the pin settles on to the target. I will then hold there and execute my shot using back tension. By using this technique, I am more relaxed. The key to good shooting is to relax every thing in your body, except for the muscles that hold the bow. By relaxing you will find that you can place and hold your pin where you want it.

Another trick is to draw your bow back with out an arrow and practice placing your pin on a target. Many of you will find that you can hold you r pin on the x as long as you do not have an arrow on the string. By practicing this you can teach your brain that it's all right to place and hold your pin on that spot.

The key to beating target panic is not to let it get the best of you. Remember that target panic is in our heads. The worst thing we can do is let it get the best of us. Practice the methods we have discussed and hopefully you can beat target panic.