Brian's Archery

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Our Staff

Brian's Archery was opened in 1979 and is owned and operated by a professional staff. More than just store owners, all of our employees are avid target and sport archers with as much experience in the shop, as out in the woods. With more than 60 years of combined hunting and archery maintenance and repair experience, you can't go wrong when you walk into Brian's Archery.

Brian Brochu

Brian began bow hunting in 1978. Due to the inability to get quality archery equipment in the area, Brian founded Brian's archery shop. The business was started in the basement of his home. Despite the tight confines, the business began to boom. In 1990, the shop had out grown the basement and a new 3000 square foot shop was built. In the years since, Brian's archery shop has become one of the largest archery pro shops in New England.

Brian's hunting career has also flourished. Brian has harvested more than 100 big game animals with a bow. This list includes whitetails, mule deer, mountain lion, elk, moose, bear, javelina, hogs, quebec labrador caribou and central barren ground caribou. Fifteen of these animals have qualified for the Pope and Young record books. Brian out did himself in 2005 harvesting a 370” 6x6 bull elk on a D-I-Y hunt in New Mexico. This Bull will rank in the top 500 ever taken with archery tackle. Brian has served as an IBEF certified instructor for the past 20 years. Brian currently holds pro-staff positions for Hoyt, Easton, Beman, Schaffer Archery and Scentlok.

 Diane Brochu

Diane began bow hunting in 1979 as a way to spend more time with her husband, Brian. (if you can't beat them, join them).

Since then Diane has hunted in ME, NH, VT, PA, MI, IL, NWT, and Quebec.

Diane has harvested numerous big game animals with a bow including, bear, moose, whitetail deer and caribou. In 1994 Diane harvested a 1010 pound, 169 2/8" Canadian moose in the state of Maine. This moose still stands as the largest Canadian moose ever shot by a woman (in the Pope and Young record books).

Diane is also ranked as one of the top Amateur female shooters in the country with three straight top 5 finishes at the Atlantic city classic. Diane has been an IBEF certified instructor since 1992.

Seth Stevens

Seth received his first bow in 1982 at the age of twelve. In 1986 he harvested his first animal with a bow (an eight point buck).

In 1990, he started at Brian's archery shop as a part time job between college and a baseball career. The job soon became a full time position. Since 1990, Seth has become a respected authority on all forms of archery and a top bow technician. Seth also handles all of the personal and group instruction.

As a hunter, Seth has taken over sixty big game animals with a bow including whitetails, bear, pronghorn antelope, hogs and javelina. Seven of these qualify for the Pope and Young record book. His best trophies include a 400+# black bear scoring 20 5/16” and An Illinois whitetail grossing 146” and netting 126 2/8”

As a shooter, Seth has won many state, regional and local titles in both 3-d and indoor. In 1995 Seth finished 6th in the indoor IBO World Championships held in Atlantic City. Seth Also has finished as high as 12th in the Atlantic City Classic. Seth has been an IBEF instructor for the past fifteen years.

Seth currently holds Pro-staff positions for Hoyt, Easton, Beman, Schaffer Archery, and ScentLok. Seth also is a member of the Pope and Young Club, SCI, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and is on the board of directors for the NH Quality Deer Management Association.