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Personal Archery Instruction

At Brian's Archery, we offer the finest archery instruction available. Our instructor, Seth Stevens has been giving private instruction for the past 14 years. Whether you are a brand new shooter or have been shooting for years Seth has the knowledge and the experience to make you a better shooter. So if you want to improve your target scores or increase your odds on that new state record buck, let Seth help you. Call Seth or Brian at (603) 332-1041 to make an appointment.

Rates for private instruction are $25.00 per 1/2 hour, which include instructor, range time and equipment.

Frequently addressed problems include:

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Bow fit
  • Shot execution
  • Target panic
  • Follow through
  • Anchor point
  • Mental approach

archery instruction

Video Recorded Archery Lesson

These archery lessons will be recorded on SD cards and provided to the archer at the conclusion. Being able to take this home and review it at a later date and as often as necessary will be invaluable. Not only will you be able to refresh your memory of what was explained, you will be able to visually see what you were doing and the corrections made.

During our lessons, topics covered will include the Mental Approach to shooting, Proper Stance, Anchor Point, Grip & Hand Position, Shot Execution and Follow Through. We will also key in on each archers particular weaknesses and address their problems, including the ever present and dreaded "Target Panic."

A half hour of Personal Archery Instuction will help improve every Archers shooting whether you are a Bowhunter, 3D shooter, Target Archer or simpy shooting for recreation. Let us help you shoot better than you ever have before.

To schedule a lesson or for more info, call us at 603-332-1041. Rates for Video Recorded Instruction including the take-home SD card are $50.00 / half hour.

This Video features an Advanced Archery Lesson given at Brian's Archery.

personal archery instruction
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