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Arrow Rests

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Here are some of the new arrow rests we carry at Brian's Archery. Check back often to see what new products we are carrying. On each page, items at the top are the newest editions.

ripcord code red

Ripcord Code Red

The Ripcord has been one of our favorite rests for years. The Code Red Features full capture arrow containment. It also has a built in friction brake to eliminate bounce back. This is a great hunting rest!

Nap Apache Drop Away

NAP Apache Drop-Away

This is one of the best values in arrow rest. It offers rock-solid construction at a very reasonable price!

AAE Pro Drop

AAE Pro-Drop

The Pro-Drop is another limb driven drop-away rest. This rest has all of the features of the Limb Driver with the addition of micro-adjust. This allows you to really fine tune your set-up!

Schaffer Tec-1, Mat-1, E-1

Schaffer Tec-1, Mat-1, E-1

The Schaffer rest is one of the best built rest we have ever carried. There are 3 models. One to specifically fit Hoyt, one for Mathews and a universal for everything else.

VaporTrail Limb Driver

VaporTrail Limb Driver

This is one of the most accurate rests ever made. It combines the best features of a target blade style rest with a drop-away. The Limb Driver supports the arrow over a great span on a sensitive feeler gauge launcher which offers support to the arrow. The launcher is then ripped away by the limbs before the fletching can get there. Because the activation cord attaches to the limbs rather than the cables, it will never affect cam timing.

Hoyt QAD

Hoyt QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro

The same great features as the standard Ultra-Rest but machined specifically for the Hoyt Bows.

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