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Bow Sights

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Here are some of the new bow sights that we carry at Brian's Archery. Check back often to see what new products we are carrying. On each page, items at the top are the newest editions.

Apex Axim Bow Sight

Fuse Carbon Pilot Sight

The Carbon Pilot uses carbon rods to extend the sight. These rods allow you to slide the sight in or out to give you perfect peep-sight alignment. The carbon rods also reduce weight . This sight has worked extremely well with the new Hoyt Carbon Element!

Apex Axim Bow Sight

Apex Axim 4-Pin Sight

This sight is packed with features at a moderate price. The Axim has wrapped fiber pins, an integrated light and tool-less micro-adjustments. Available in AP and Lost Camo.

Cobra Python Micro Bow Sight

Cobra Python Micro Sight

The Python Micro offers tool-less micro adjustment and great pin visibility at a great price.

Pursuit Slider Sight

Pursuit Slider Sight

This sight is one of the best values we have found in a while! The Pursuit has wrapped fiber and an integrated, rheostat light. It gives you a no-clutter sight picture with the ability to shoot extended distances. This is Brian's sight of choice this year.

Brian's Favorite!

Extreme RT900 Bow Sight

Extreme RT900 Sight

This is a terrific light weight, compact hunting sight! 4 .019 fiber optic pins with 7" of optic material for each pin gives this sight good low-light visibility.

vital bow sight

Vital Bow Gear GloGlide Amplify

This sight gives you the best of both worlds. It incorporates the precision pin adjustment of a slider with the simplicity of a 3-pin.

G5 Optix LE bow sight

G5 Optix LE

This is one of the best built sights we have carried! Fully machined from magnesium makes this sight as light as plastic but even stronger than aluminum. Also shown with optional light kit for those low-light situations.

bow sight

(same as above)

ontana black gold flashpoint w

Montana Black Gold Flashpoint

The Flashpoint is both extremely bright and very rugged! It also uses a unique, photochromatic, material to encase the fiber optics. This material turns dark purple in direct sunlight to decrease the intensity of the pins.

fuse nexus bow sight

Fuse Nexus

Fuse Nexus Sight Fuse has created some of the most advanced sights we have ever seen. The Fuse line combines wrapped fibers, micro adjust and harmonic dampening into an attractive yet functional hunting sight.

HHA Optimizer 5500 bow sight

HHA Optimizer 5500

This high quality movable sight wraps 5 feet of .019 fiber around a machined aluminum housing for incredible brightness. The optimizer also incorporates a unique rheostat ring to control brightness during direct sunlight  conditions.

bow sight

(Same as above)

hunting bow sight

(Same as above)

vital bow gear proslide

Vital Bow Gear Proslide

The Proslide is our personal favorite hunting sight. This movable sight incorporates over 3 feet of wrapped fiber for maximum brightness under low light conditions.

cobra sidewinder bow sight

Cobra Sidewinder 5-Pin

A very rugged and bright wrapped fiber optic sight.

cobra sidewinder LX bow sight

Cobra Sidewinder LX

All of the great features of the Sidewinder combined with an adjustable dovetail extension and light stick kit.

vital bow gear star tac sight

Vital Bow Gear Star Tac Sight

This is an incredible single pin, adjustable sight with unique fiber optic yardage markers so you can see what distance your sight is set for under low light conditions.

vital bow gear proflix bow sight

Vital Bow Gear Profix

A rugged, wrapped fiber, single pin hunting sight. Very simple yet effective.


Information Coming Soon


Information Coming Soon

cobra bow sight



This sight combines wrapped fiber technology to give you the brightest sights possible without a battery.

cobra bow sight

(same as above)

right on hunting sight


This sight is bomb proof, one of the strogest hunting sights ever made. The Right-On comes with five fiber optic pins.

vital bow gear pro slider sight


One of the most precise hunting sights available. Simply range your target, set your sight for the exact distance, and place the pin directly on your target.

You will never have to split or gap your pins again. Now fully machined aluminum with over 3 feet of wrapped fiber optics. This sight has been the choice of Brian and Seth for many years.

flatliner bow sight


Fiber optic archery sight from Trophy Ridge.
No tools needed for adjustment.

grizzly bow sight


Our best selling hunting sight ever! Very bright fiber optic pins with a wrapped design for added durability. Very easy to adjust.

lethal weapon bow sight

Lethal Weapon

The first fixed pin hunting sight from Sure-Loc. Micro adjust windage and elevation.

spott-hogg bow sight


The most accurate pin sight available.