Trophy Room: Last name N - R

Here our the pics for the hunters with the last names
N-R. If you have a pic you'd like to add to this list, head on over to the contact page and let us know. Submission directions and rules are on the F.A.Q. page.

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Jeff Philbrick
Dec 2009, NH




Nancy Rousseau
NH turkey November 2008

Sonny Rousseau
NH Turkey November 2008

Tom Robinson

Just wanted to say thanks for putting my bow together for me and
getting me started. I shot my first deer last night with it and the
bow performed great. I shot it at 38 yards perfectly broadside and
dropped it in it's tracks. I hit it in the spine when it tried to
duck the arrow. Follow up shot from same distance through the
heart. I guess you guys were right, practice...practice...practice.
I got it in the expanded zone down in York. Can't tell from the
picture but it's a four pointer - 136#- by the way- you were also
right about the bloodrunner- left a decent hole but the rage follow
up was much bigger.




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